Lighting & Controls

Get financial incentives for energy-efficient lighting upgrades such as replacing lamps and ballasts in existing fixtures. Incentives also are available for installing new high-efficiency fixtures within existing or new buildings, and for performing a complete energy-efficient lighting design for new construction projects. 


Lighting accounts for 30% to 60% of annual electric costs for many businesses. 

There are many new advances in lighting technology to help your business conserve energy and save money. Whatever your lighting needs, partner with BGE to maximize energy efficiency and manage costs.


LED Lighting Requirements

LED replacement lamps and LED luminaires must be listed on the Design Lights Consortium or ENERGY STAR Qualified Products list.

  • Based on the actual savings by comparing the original installation with the new one. Total rebate amount is based on annual kW savings such as for example $0.1/kW annual kW saved on the full installation.

  • What is the process? After filling an application, it will usually require a pre- and post-installation visit from a program representative

  • Fixed amount per lamp or per fixture such as for example $20 / MR16

  • What is the process? After filling an application it will be necessary to provide all the proof of purchase and installation.