LUX DIRECT™ is an innovative Baltimore, MD-based lighting supplier with international reach, with particular experience in retail environments, optical and medical offices, as well as beauty salons and spas. We are also a BGE-recognized service provider for small businesses and can assist with ligthing audits, installations and rebate applications. Contact us today for a FREE lighting consultation or to schedule an appointment for a site visit.


  Once you perform a lighting upgrade with LUX DIRECT™, you won't have to keep changing your bulbs like a pair of 

socks. The latest lighting technologies are both energy-efficient and long-lasting. 


    Take a look at any major, high-profile lighting project. What do you see? Long-term lighitng solutions. What does that mean? It means that the industry trend-setters are choosing quality products to help businesses create a quality experience through lighting.


      But can you afford that kind of lighting for your space? Absolutely. LUX DIRECT™ is designed to save you money. 


      Here's how it works. Based on the info you provide, we

will calculate your current LightingScore™. We will identify the parameters and characteristics of your lighting, which need to

be improved. Then, we'll provide you with a selection of lighting products which will help you achieve your goal, while keeping your budget in mind. If a site visit is required, we can arrange that as well.

    Different spaces have different lighting needs, which is why 

LUX DIRECT™ works with a growing number of manufacturers. 

Nevertheless, we mainly specify products which meet 

'Energy Star' or 'DesignLights Consortium' prerequisites. 


      The products must also have the option to ship 'direct' to you from a manufacturer's fulfillment center. We utilize a cloud-based inventory and order fulfillment network to save you time and money. This allows LUX DIRECT™ to provide you with brand name products at discounted prices. In addition, most of these products are also eligible for significant utility rebates, which we can often issue instantly.


      LUX DIRECT™ provides you with a structured way of approaching your lighting projects, going beyond just energy efficiency. A true lighting upgrade improves more than just your energy bill, it improves your image, your space and the experience you create. The improvements you make will get noticed. Change the way you think about lighting and change the way you shop for it. Start today by requesting your free LightingScore™ or visit our online store!