Contact us to make an appointment for a lighting audit or to request an upgrade to some of the options listed here. The products and manufacturers listed below are some of our best-sellers. We do offer a wider variety than what is listed, so if there is a particular brand or manufacturer you are interested in seeing, do let us know. In the meatime, feel free to visit these pages and browse through some of our most popular sellers. Even though we have our particular favorites, the order in which these manufacturers appear below is not intended to imply any ranking of sorts. It is just our list, or a sampling of what we most commonly specify.



We are confident in the quality of the products made by these manufacturers, which is a main reason why we use them. They are all reputable brands which don't cut corners and deliver quality products.



The brands we use have a proven track record in commercial environments and are made to withstand the rigors of long work days and/or retail hours, while maintaining a high level of performance.



Most products we specify and sell have a 5-year warranty, if they are line voltage and a 3-year warranty, if they are low voltage. We honor the same warranty and terms as the respective manufacturer and provide customer support.